DOEE Solar for All Low Income Multi-Family Program, Washington, DC

The Renewable Portfolio Standard Expansion Amendment Act of 2016 established the District of Columbia’s Solar for All Program (Solar for All). The purpose of the “Solar for All” grant program is to expand solar energy utilization, provide benefits of solar power to low-income residents, and identify innovative solutions to overcome core barriers to installing more solar capacity in the District.

PEER was awarded $1.25 Million to: generate at least 500 kW of solar-generated electric power on rooftop-mounted solar PV power plants. The plants will be located on the rooftops of income-qualified buildings. The power generated will be used to offset the electricity bills of 100 low-income households in the District for a 15-year period. PEER also performed community outreach, engagement, education and online social ideation focused on identifying and understanding the barriers to low-income solar PV proliferation; increase awareness of sustainable energy and environmental programs within the District; and, train low-income District residents in green jobs, such as solar PV panel installation, green infrastructure and storm water management, and CCTV inspections.