Celebrate the Dream...

As we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, we should reflect on his influence and the true impact he had on the American people and on those around the world. Dr. King was a visionary, a leader, and in essence, a “dreamer”.  Dr. King urged us to ask—“what are you doing for others?”

At PEER, we take that a step further and question: “what are we doing to preserve the environment?” PEER continues on its mission to provide transformative, appropriate, and sustainable solutions to our clients’ challenging environmental problems.

If visionaries like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. taught us anything, it is that “the time is always right to do what is right.” To PEER that means doing right by others as much as it means doing right by our planet. We need to treat the world and humankind like the ecosystem that it is by working together for the mutual benefit of the natural and built environments.

As we celebrate Dr. King, we are also preparing to celebrate a big milestone – PEER‘s 40th Anniversary! For the past 40 years and moving forward, we hope to keep Dr. King’s legacy alive through our work and our passion to obtain a cleaner and more sustainable environment for us all and for future generations to enjoy.

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