Construction Management I - V at Blue Plains AWTP, Washington, DC

As a member of the Construction Management Team for 20 years, PEER provided complete construction management and related engineering services for the management of multiple construction contracts as part of the $1 billion expansion and upgrade of the District of Columbia's Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The construction management team was responsible for directing, coordinating and monitoring all aspects of construction activities including administration, professional and technical, facilities, and supplies services. The scope of these services ranged from the review of preliminary design drawings for bidability or constructability, resident engineering and inspection services, maintenance of construction schedules, through project closeout.  Services also included the implementation of a document control system to track all key correspondence, i.e., contractor claims, requests for information (RFI) and shop drawings. 

The construction management team also developed and monitored master construction schedules that identified key milestones, potential areas of conflict between construction contractors, and forecasts expenditures.

PEER’s specific role on the Construction Management Team included providing structural and mechanical engineering reviews, oversight of construction, shop drawings, change orders, and RFIs for several projects.  PEER also supported overall program management including coordinating the activities and schedules of each contract, tracking of contractors’ submittals, processing of contractors’ payment requests, document control, database management,  interfacing with plant operations and maintenance staff, and coordinating overall program schedule.

Projects managed under the CM contract include:

  • Biological Nutrient Removal
  • Nitrification Facility Phase II
  • Filtration/Disinfection Phase II
  • New Digestion Facilities
  • Centrifuge Thickener Facility
  • Raw Water Pump Stations 1 and 2

For each construction contract, PEER provided engineering review of shop drawings, as-built drawings and other submittals; coordinated review with design firms as directed by WASA; and provided other engineering support, as needed, including review of design documents, negotiation of change orders, task orders, resident engineering, inspection services, and quality assurance and quality control.