DC Water Asset Management Program, Washington, DC

PEER Consultants, P.C. is working as part of a team to provide support for the Asset Management Program at DC Water & Sewer Authority in Washington, DC. PEER’s main responsibilities include administration and development of the ‘IBM Maximo Asset Management’ program with the following specific tasks: Maximo Administrative Assistance, PCS Coordination and supporting commissioning conformance related to new assets. PEER is also responsible for Preventative Maintenance Optimization (PMO) and the pilots, with specific tasks including: work history analysis, PMO planning, and PMO analysis and recommendations.

The PM optimization-analysis of assets from pilot unit process and pump station is approximately 500 assets total. PEER revises the PM by eliminating/adding tasks or by changing the frequency of execution. As part of the process, PEER maintains the PM as written, adds a PM (or PM task) to improve asset reliability and we make changes to the PM Job Plans, as recommended, once its approved by DC Water staff.

Below is an account of the specific support that PEER has and will continue to provide to the team on this project.

Maximo Asset Management Support:

  • Assisted with development of standard asset identification and naming convention (no standard guidelines were available).
  • Categorize the different assets into classes and develop the specification or attribute list for each class of asset (the assets were not classified, classified assets are now in Maximo).
  • Structure the asset and location hierarchies for the database in order to have a hierarchical registry of the assets records (the previous hierarchy was a facility based hierarchy).
  • Provided technical assistance in linking the Computerized Maintenance Management System to the Document Management System (no documentation was linked to the asset records).
  • Developed the list failure codes for each asset class (no failure codes were available before).
  • Developed of the asset criticality codes and assigning critical codes to each asset records (Criticality codes were not assigned to each asset before).
  • Developed standard operating procedures for the computerized maintenance management (new).
  • Provide assistance to the end users of Maximo Asset Management with the intent of getting them acclimated with the new procedures and the workflow.