Hazardous Material Survey & Analysis Review, Renovation for Frederick Elementary School, Baltimore, MD (BCPS)

Hazardous Materials Investigation in Support of the Conceptual Design: PEER participated in the Conceptual Design kick-off meeting and conducted a hazardous materials investigation at the Frederick Elementary School located in Baltimore, MD. The purpose of the investigation was to identify hazardous building materials, such as asbestos, lead-based paint, mercury, PCB, and other toxic materials that could impact the project. The hazardous materials investigation included:

A meeting with BCPS representatives to discuss the conditions of hazardous materials in the school and obtain copies of available documentation and environmental reports, such as reports from previous asbestos and lead-based paint investigations and environmental site assessments and the asbestos management plans.
Review of the documentation provided by BCPS to aid with identifying hazardous building materials that may have been present in the school;
A visual inspection of the school to confirm the location and quantities of hazardous materials;
Sampling of suspect asbestos-containing materials and/or lead-based paint for laboratory analysis, as needed, to confirm asbestos and lead content in the materials;
A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) to determine the potential for soil and groundwater contamination at the site; and
Preparation of a hazardous materials report, which is to be included with the Conceptual Design Documents.

Hazardous Materials Investigation Deliverable: The deliverable was a hazardous materials report, which identified the type, quantity and location of the hazardous material(s) and an estimated cost for material abatement. PEER also provided recommendations for Phase II investigations, as needed, based on the results of the hazardous materials investigation.