Improvements of the Dundalk Sewershed Collection System

As part of a Joint Venture (JV), PEER and CDM are providing engineering services to the City of Baltimore for Contract SC902 Wastewater Engineering Services for Improvements of Dundalk Sewershed Collection System. These improvements were identified in the Dundalk Sewershed Evaluation Study Plan (Project #1047) submitted to the City by prior consultants. The JV PEER/CDM team was tasked to further evaluate the Study Plan and prepare a design memorandum for the recommended improvements. This design memorandum involved CCTV review of sewers; manhole inspections, field and geotechnical investigations, environmental assessment, hydraulic modeling and traffic control plans. The JV PEER/CDM team also identified and applied for the required permits from relevant agencies such the Maryland Department of the Environment, Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Corps of Engineers, City Soil Conservation District, and other regulatory agencies. This work also included identification of any required Right-of-Entry agreements.

The recommendations are intended to eliminate sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) by providing additional hydraulic capacity and reducing infiltration and inflow (I&I). The prepared design memorandum will provide improvements to the Dundalk Sewershed; and this will involve approximately 82,740 linear feet of CIPP Lining, 27 point repairs, rehabilitating and repairing 347 manholes, replacing 4,396 linear feet of sewer ranging from 12 to 30 inches, locating/opening /inspecting 60 manholes, and improvements of any sanitary house connections for visual defects that are associated with these improvements.

In addition to this, the JV team was also charged with providing post award services to assist the City during construction to oversee the work performed by the contractor and to ensure that it is completed in accordance with the design and as specified in the contract documents. Post award services include the review of contractor submittals and CCTV inspections; technical consultations on RFIs and change orders, record drawings and GIS update.

Project Management – Additionally PEER, as a member of the JV, is providing overall project management and coordination of the project, including the activities of its sub consultants, to address and meet the project’s W/MBE goals.