On-call Environmental Consulting Services – Waterfront Substation #223, Washington, DC

PEER Consultants, P.C. (PEER) was retained by ABB Group, Grid Integration-USA (ABB), as their environmental consultant to resolve issues that were discovered during the environmental site assessment on one of PEPCO’s properties, an electrical substation located in Southeast Washington, DC. 

The environmental services provided during this project ranged from soil media assessment to environmental risk assessment. Services included, but were not limited to: environmental assessment, sampling, environmental risk assessment, hazardous materials or hazardous waste management, and soil segregation plan and characterization.

The property was suspect of contamination due to its past land uses and other former activities; undocumented underground storage tanks and related appurtenance were recovered from unsuspected areas. PEER worked closely with ABB to develop a comprehensive soil-sampling plan to statistically characterize and classify soils on the property for proper disposal in accordance with Federal, State and Local laws. PEER personnel developed a soil-sampling grid to satisfy landfill sample/volume requirements and systematically collected and analyzed soil samples.

A dynamic scope of work was developed in order to satisfy the client’s needs and effectively predict soil conditions and other environmental factors that could negatively alter the project schedule in place. The laboratory soil results exposed other contaminants present on-site; hence, PEER developed a comprehensive air-monitoring plan to evaluate construction worker’s health environmental risk and customized it for the project’s particular situation.