Operations & Maintenance Assistance Program at Blue Plains Advanced WWTP, Washington, DC

PEER has been the prime consultant for the Operations & Maintenance Assistance Program (OMAP) I - IV at the Blue Plains Advanced WWTP for 20 years. PEER’s services include consultation, investigation, evaluation, and supervision of process systems related to start-up and documentation of processes, machinery, equipment, facilities, and utilities at the 370 MGD advanced wastewater treatment plant.  Currently, PEER provides overall management and supervision for OMAP IV by:

  • Coordinating and monitoring facility performance, and acceptance testing and certification of plant performance.
  • Developing plant-wide quarterly process critiques through investigation, evaluation and reliability assessment of equipment and facilities.
  • Guiding and assisting for start-up operations to ensure compliance with design and specifications of facilities and performance of processes, equipment and appurtenances in accordance with permit standards.
  • Evaluating and analyzing system processes through performance of process tuning, system assessment, process critiques and facility optimization; process and operational expertise and advice; evaluation and approval of equipment service manuals; review of design and modes of operation; certification of newly installed facilities and one-year affirmative certification; prepares the EPA-mandated performance certification report.
  • Developing, collecting and preparing data related to equipment identification and maintenance requirements; data entry into a computerized plant-wide equipment record system, assistance in the development of uniform records for each process.
  • Developing plans for operation and project scheduling, and preparation of Start-up reports.
  • Customizing training in the theory and operation of newly installed processes and equipment.
  • Developing preventive maintenance requirements for newly installed equipment and systems; Maintenance Documentation and maintenance procedures; interface with the Technical Information Center, Maintenance Management Systems and Material Control System; Spare Parts Control System including maximum/minimum stock levels and recorder points, and emergency parts inventory; a critical equipment list and repairs tracking process.
  • Developing, reviewing and evaluating all O&M Manuals for new and modified facilities; development of Standard Operating and Maintenance Procedures.
  • Reviewing and certifying Operational Demonstration Plans submitted by contractors for commissioning of new facilities.
  • Developing and administering qualifying duty station tests for both supervisors and operators; development of station training for operators.
  • Supervising pilot studies to evaluate new processes and equipment.