Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission IDIQs Montgomery & Prince George's County, MD

Through the WSSC IDIQ contracts, PEER provides ongoing cleaning and closed circuit television (CCTV) inspection of sanitary sewers in preparation for Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) rehabilitation. PEER supplies experienced operators and the necessary cleaning and inspection equipment to complete the required tasks.

PEER has participated as part of a team on several contracts - both street and environmentally sensitive area (ESA) contracts - with WSSC to provide repair and rehabilitation of sewer mains utilizing various methods, though primarily through CIPP. CIPP provides both a structural repair as well as helps to prevent infiltration of groundwater into the sewer network.

PEER’s role is to provide pre-cleaning and CCTV inspection to prepare the sewer for the CIPP rehabilitation. The first step is to clean each pipe segment using a hydraulic jet truck to flush the lines. Once the light cleaning is complete, the CCTV crawler is placed into the sewer.  The CCTV operator checks the pipe for structural or operational defects. The operator also notes the location of service connections and any other items, which may affect or impede the CIPP process. If debris, roots or other obstacles are present, the CCTV operator directs the jet truck to remove them using a combination of hydraulic and mechanical methods, ensuring that all obstacles are removed and the CIPP lining can be installed successfully.