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PEER provides professional services for the restoration, maintenance, and enhancement of the natural and built environments.

Water & Wastewater Engineering

Our Water & Wastewater Engineering discipline handles potable water collection, treatment, storage, transmission, and distribution; wastewater collection, treatment, disposal and beneficial reuse; stormwater management, treatment, low impact development, and best management practices; water resources engineering, and stream restoration.


Environmental Engineering, Sciences & Sustainability (EESS)

Our Environmental Engineering & Sciences discipline handles all aspects of environmental planning, community outreach and education and environmental justice, remediation and mitigation of contamination of toxic and hazardous materials and environmental studies. The Energy & Environmental Sustainability focus area covers responsible energy use, utilization of energy efficiency endeavors in the built environment, planning and implementation of energy conservation programs, mitigation of Greenhouse Gas emissions, sustainability in the built environment, capacity building and jobs creation, and social responsibility.