Kheis Municipality in the Northern Cape Province – Micro-grids, South Africa

Internationally, over the past 2 years, PEER has been in working with its sister company, PEER Africa, to develop and install 507 distributive generation micro-grids in the informal settlement in the !Kheis Municipality in the Northern Cape Province in South Africa.  

Each home – described as an informal shelter constructed of bits and pieces of tin and/or wood – is equipped with a 7.5 kW PV solar home system kit, which includes a PV panel, kitchen appliances, cell phone charging station, a color TV, radio and computer.  These shelters are completely “off the grid”, since the central grid connection is far and already insecure and overloaded, operating completely on battery storage, i.e. DC current only.

Old Deerfield WWTP PV Solar Development, Deerfield, MA

In partnership with solar array supplier/ designer, 510Nano, and with electrical installer, M.L. Schmitt, PEER Consultants, P.C. (PEER) participated in the design/build of a 40 kWh grid-tied, pole-mount, solar photovoltaic, fixed array energy system on behalf of the Town of Deerfield, MA. The new solar energy system was constructed on land surrounding the Old Deerfield Wastewater Treatment Plant (ODWWTP) and is the first of several such installations around the plant to maximize the solar electricity production of the site. Energy produced will meet both the generation and net metering goals of the Town. 

DC On-Site Solar Power Purchasing Agreement at Various Municipal Facilities, Washington, DC

The District Department of General Services (“Department” or “DGS”) selected the DC Solar Joint Venture, a District Certified Business Enterprise (CBE), to provide solar PV power plants on rooftops of District-owned buildings at multiple locations throughout the city to generate up to 2 MW of electricity that will be place on Pepco’s smart grid. The plants will be mounted on the rooftops of 14 buildings, which consists of 35 roof spaces.