Consolidated Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Implementation Plan and Monitoring Program

PEER Consultants (PEER) is part of a consultant’s team providing professional engineering services to the District Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE) to develop a Consolidated Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Implementation Plan (IP) and Monitoring Program in support of the District of Columbia’s goal to achieve compliance with the Clean Water Act.

Ft. Dupont Park Environmental Assessment

PEER Consultants, P.C. (PEER) was selected by the District’s Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) to provide environmental impact and study services for potential watershed restoration activities for projects located in Ft. Dupont Park in southeast Washington, DC, which sits on National Park Service land and is the second largest park in the District.

Improvements of the Dundalk Sewershed Collection System

As part of a Joint Venture (JV), PEER and CDM are providing engineering services to the City of Baltimore for Contract SC902 Wastewater Engineering Services for Improvements of Dundalk Sewershed Collection System. These improvements were identified in the Dundalk Sewershed Evaluation Study Plan (Project #1047) submitted to the City by prior consultants. The JV PEER/CDM team was tasked to further evaluate the Study Plan and prepare a design memorandum for the recommended improvements.

Construction Management I - V at Blue Plains AWTP, Washington, DC

As a member of the Construction Management Team for 20 years, PEER provided complete construction management and related engineering services for the management of multiple construction contracts as part of the $1 billion expansion and upgrade of the District of Columbia's Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The construction management team was responsible for directing, coordinating and monitoring all aspects of construction activities including administration, professional and technical, facilities, and supplies services. The scope of these services ranged from the review of preliminary design drawings for bidability or constructability, resident engineering and inspection services, maintenance of construction schedules, through project closeout.  Services also included the implementation of a document control system to track all key correspondence, i.e., contractor claims, requests for information (RFI) and shop drawings. 

DC Water Asset Management Program, Washington, DC

PEER Consultants, P.C. is working as part of a team to provide support for the Asset Management Program at DC Water & Sewer Authority in Washington, DC. PEER’s main responsibilities include administration and development of the ‘IBM Maximo Asset Management’ program with the following specific tasks: Maximo Administrative Assistance, PCS Coordination and supporting commissioning conformance related to new assets. PEER is also responsible for Preventative Maintenance Optimization (PMO) and the pilots, with specific tasks including: work history analysis, PMO planning, and PMO analysis and recommendations.

WSSC General Wastewater Engineering Services BOA

The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) has retained the professional services of PEER Consultants, P.C. (PEER) to perform sewer inspections and develop comprehensive strategies for rehabilitating deteriorating elements of the collection system, especially on large diameter and right-of-way sewers throughout Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties.  The contract also requires the PEER team to address the aging wastewater infrastructure and develop strategies for rehabilitating deteriorating elements of the collection system.

Operations & Maintenance Assistance Program at Blue Plains Advanced WWTP, Washington, DC

PEER has been the prime consultant for the Operations & Maintenance Assistance Program (OMAP) I - IV at the Blue Plains Advanced WWTP for 20 years. PEER’s services include consultation, investigation, evaluation, and supervision of process systems related to start-up and documentation of processes, machinery, equipment, facilities, and utilities at the 370 MGD advanced wastewater treatment plant.

Program Management Services for the Water Infrastructure Replacement/Renewal Program City of Baltimore, MD

PEER Consultants (PEER) is part of the Program Management Team (PMT) overseeing the planning, design, bidding, and construction services for the City of Baltimore’s water distribution system.  The distribution system consists of more than 4,500 miles of aging piping throughout the City and County, which is deteriorating and experiencing leaks, breaks, and decreasing water pressure. In order to address these problems, the City plans to design and replace 25 to 40 miles of pipe annually starting in fiscal year 2013.

Power Load and GHG Reduction in the Residential Sector - Cape Town, South Africa

In February 2006, Cape Town experienced its worst power failure ever. The city had lost 75% of its power due to a failure on the grid. The city had to immediately remove 400 MW of unnecessary power usage from the grid. PEER, working as an ESCO, was hired by Eskom to field a team of workers to reduce the residential load to the grid in the downtown area. Mobilizing a team of over 300, including historically excluded youth workers, PEER initiated a residential weatherization and retrofitting (demand-side management) program that consisted of two elements – a swapping program and an installation program.

Resilient Communities South Africa

Circa the 1990s, the Witsand community in the Western Cape of South Africa was a 20 year-old shantytown of over 2,000 shacks; living conditions were deplorable, with no access to basic services. PEER Africa and PEER Consultants were chosen by the Cape Town City Council to transform the community using the integrated Energy Environment Empowerment Cost-Optimization (iEEECO™) methodology.